A3 Edge CIR Camera

A3 Edge CIR Camera

Based on the industry-leading A3 series, the A3 CIR Aerial Camera System captures and processes high resolution RGB and NIR imagery two times faster than other systems. A3 CIR is ideal for agriculture, forestry and land management applications.

Largest Footprint
With up to 78,000 pixels across flight track, A3 presents by far the largest footprint of CIR cameras available in the market.

Superior High Resolution NIR Imagery
A3 Edge CIR (color-IR) provides near-infrared imagery (NIR) in combination with high resolution natural color imagery. The native resolution of the NIR imagery is identical to the natural color imagery resolution. No pan-sharpening is applied.

Compact & Easy to Install
A3 CIR delivers high performance in a compact package (50 x 60 x 60 cm).

Fastest Processing
The A3 LightSpeed processing suite produces high end 4-band products in the fastest fully-automatic workflow. LightSpeed can be run by a single operator, significantly reducing operational costs.

A3 CIR Aerial Suvey Productivity

GSD (cm) 5.00 10.00 15.00 20.00 25.00
Altitude Above Ground (ft) 6.990 13.981 20.971 27.961 34.952
Typical Ground Speed (Knots) 130 170 210 280 310
Distance Between flight lines (cm) 897 2,169 3,829 7,551 11,686
Foodprint Widht (m) 1.848 6,120 12,059 16,079 24,463
Net Converage For Orthophoto Production (km/hour) 216 683 1,489 3,916 6,709
* 55% Forward Overlap, Above 50% Side Overlap

*Performance with stabalized mount, 55% forward overlap and 40% side overlap
*Productivity without stabilized mount is reduced by ~15%.

Dowload A3 CIR brochure for more specifications