3D Edge: A3 Edge City Modeling Solution

3D Edge: A3 Edge City Modeling Solution

The ideal solution for creating high quality 3D city models, quickly and at low cost - comprised of A3 Edge, A3 LightSpeed, and Smart3DCapture.

VisionMap's 3D Edge is a complete 3D modeling solution solution that brings high resolution 3D city models to your fingertips.

The solution utilizes the A3 Edge system, whose productivity vastly exceeds other commercial oblique cameras, allowing for the creation of 3D models of vast areas.

Coupled with the A3 LightSpeed Processing System, A3 Edge is the only system providing simultaneous adjustment of vertical and oblique images. LightSpeed processing is highly efficient and accurate, with the high accuracy and large number of overlaps yielding an end-product that is of the highest quality.
In addition, for cities with aviation traffic control restrictions, A3 Edge can be flown at a higher altitude than the other oblique cameras. As an example, a 3D model of Jerusalem was created using imagery with 6cm resolution at nadir which was captured at an altitude of 6,500 feet AGL.

The only "2-in-1" solution on the market, A3 Edge can also be used for both 3D city modelling as well as standard mapping applications.



LightSpeed Processing Performance

* Standard hardware cofiguration, A3 imagery