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Gemini Vessels Features

Britton Maritime has a long standing relationship with Gemini Marine South Africa in supplying specialised inflatable and foam collared RHIBs to Defence, Law Enforcement and Commercial users. Facing the southern Atlantic Ocean from a home port of Cape Town, South Africa, Gemini Inflatables were first created in 1979 under the toughest conditions. Today, the Gemini range is regarded as the most innovative range of military inflatables and RIBs.

Through constant research and development GEMINI Boats are able to update continuously and produce advanced products. Military products are created to order. At every stage of a boat's development, a GEMINI specialist will involve the buyer. GEMINI always include staged valuation trials to ensure complete satisfaction before final delivery takes place.

Each Gemini RIB is built to achieve perfect hydrodynamic efficiency. Gemini hulls feature a true monocoque so the hydrodynamic efficiency of the monohedron shaped hull softens each ride and delivers teams anywhere in complete comfort and safety in even the most difficult conditions.

Gemini Inflatables will reach ISO 9001 certification in 2003. Current certification includes : Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping, SA Maritime Safety Authority, Lloyds Register, Det Norslie Veritas and Armaments Corporation of SA.

All of the tubes are made out of Hypalon 1670 DTEX (military specification fabric). All Gemini Inflatables can have the HP cylinder inflation capability & optional shallow water hi-jackers to give increased performance with heavy payloads.

Military Range

GEMINI has designed and manufactured the most comprehensive range of RIBs and inflatable boats for many of the world's military entities for over 25 years. GEMINI counts many of the world's navies, armies and Special Forces as clients. All recognize the resilience, reliability and durability in even the most extreme and dangerous operations.

The deep rounded 'V' shaped GEMINI hull offers great performance, comfort and extraordinary handling at top speeds, even in heavy seas. They are built using the most robust materials ensuring that you can rely on the quality, speed and maneuverability of a GEMINI for years. All Gemini boats have been arduously tested on some of the most treacherous coast lines and sea conditions in the world.

The GEMINI R & D Team works in partnership with clients on a wide variety of military and law enforcement projects. Their client consultancy and progressive innovations ensure that they consistently meet the needs of their customers to meet the challenges of an ever changing global and regional security market.

Whatever your requirements, GEMINI's military knowledge and expertise will ensure that you get the finest boats available in the world's military market. From large RIBs to small rapid attack boats, GEMINI can provide world class solutions for all your maritime and military requirements