Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radar ELM-2032 (Radar T50)

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Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radar ELM-2032 (Radar T50)

The ELM-2032 is an advanced Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radar designed for multimission fighters, oriented for both air-to-air and strike missions. Modular hardware design, software control and flexible avionic interfaces ensure that the radar can be installed in fighter aircraft (such as F-16, F-5, Mirage, F-4, Mig 21, etc.) and can be customized to meet specific user requirements. The ELM-2032 radar integrates ELTA’s s experience with real operational feedback from Israeli Air Force combat pilots. The ELM-2032 greatly enhances the Air-to-Air, Air-to- Ground and Air-to-Sea capabilities of the aircraft. In the Air-to-Air modes, the radar enables long-range target detection and tracking for weapon delivery or automatic target acquisition in close combat engagements. In Air-to-Ground missions, the radar provides very high-resolution mapping (SAR), surface target detection and tracking over RBM, DBS and SAR maps in addition to A/G ranging. In Air-to-Sea missions the radar provides long range target detection and tracking, including target classification capabilities (RS, ISAR).

Features :

-Pulse Doppler , all aspect, look-down shoot-down capabilities

-TWT coherent transmitter

-Ultra low sidelobe planar antenna

-Two axes monopulse, guard channel Programmable signal processor Full software control Most advanced architecture, technology and components

-Adaptability and growth potential

*MIL 1553B interface to avionic system

*Modular hardware configuration

*Spare memory space and computing power