TACTIX - Tactical Mission System For Aircraft & Helicopters

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TACTIX is a flexible & modular mission system for helicopters, transporters and mission aircraft. TACTIX is configurable from a single-user cost-effective solution for light helicopters to a full, multiple users airborne network supporting effective crew operation in advanced mission system. TACTIX was selected for operational use by the Israeli Air Force. TACTIX may be used for situational awareness, data/video presentation, net-centric operation and any other advanced onboard mission/information system.

TACTIX may be used as a stand-alone mission system or fully integrated with any existing avionics. Alternatively, TACTIX may be integrated with multiple onboard communication devices (satellite communication, data-link radio etc.), or incorporate its own data-link radio. The system combines capability of digital map, mission data presentation, situational awareness overlays (threats, allied forces, flight plan etc.) & onboard sensors data/video on a combined mission displays for the onboard crew members.

TACTIX includes a ruggedized flexible video/data multiplexer supporting flexibility/redundancy operation and advanced 4G data link radio supporting wide-band, instantaneous, ad-hoc networking.